Invest in Your Health

Invest in your health with a nutrition counseling package. If you are looking for long-term behavior change, consider choosing one of the packages below to allow you to save some money while working toward achieving your goals. A major determinant of success with long-term behavior change is accountability and following-up and these packages will provide you with the support, education, and accountability you need to reach your goals.


Initial Consultation

During the initial 90 minute consultation, I will conduct a full health assessment including medical history, medications / supplement regimens, and lifestyle, and you will be provided with a plan that we design together to get you started on your way to a healthy lifestyle.


Follow-Up Consultation

Forty-five minute follow up consultations allow us to evaluate how things have been going and adjust the plan accordingly to help you continue on your path to reach your goals while remaining focused and accountable. You will also receive support and feedback on your food intake via email, as needed, between appointments.




One Month Nutrition Jumpstart

One 90-minute initial and three 45-minute follow ups


Reset Your Relationship with Food

One 90-minute initial and six 45-minute follow ups


Six Month Lifestyle Change

One 90-minute initial and twelve 45-minute follow ups




This is an opportunity for existing clients to save some money for ongoing sessions as we continue our journey together.


Five follow-up consultations (45-minutes each)


Ten follow-up consultations (45-minutes each)